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I've been looking for a good zoom eyepiece on a budget for some time and this little gem popped up. Yep, thats a real Nikon 7-21mm zoom eyepiece for the same cost, or less, of a cheap no name zoom. Plus it'sfrom a brick and mortarauthorized Nikon dealer. While it's not as desirable as the MCII, it's a quality zoom with a 40-60 FOV that originally sold for £130 back in 2006(search for "15-45X" in the linked official Nikon price list from 2006). I personally tested it and found it far better than any of the budget Plossls (Gosky, Sbvony, etc) I have laying around and should give the Meade and Celestron zooms a run for their money.

I will say you will need to find/make a 1.25" adapter but there's a couple threads on how to do that on CN and elsewhere. Even with making an adapter, you still end up with a very nice zoom for less than used Celestron or Meade zoom.
It's cousin as reviewed by Cloudy Nightsand detailed images of the EP that's being sold.

Clear skies and good gear on a pocket change budget.Disclaimer
I'm in no way associated with the seller or receiving any thing for posting this. While I was thinking about picking up a second EP for later when I could afford it, I figured the community would be better served by letting everybody know about it.

Testing large or other optics with long paths through air offers "interesting" challenges due to air stratification, turbulence etc.
The effects of vibration due to wind buffeting, microseisms and traffic all need to be overcome.
Vibration isolation and evacuating the test path are not affordable for most, so other solutions must be sought.
For interferometry, solutions include stirring the air in the path and averaging the results of short exposures that freeze air motion and vibration.
For the various Hartmann test variants, stirring the air to reduce stratification and averaging out vibration and turbulence by using long exposures is effective.
For Foucault testing solutions aren't so clear cut particularly with the zone by zone variants where measurements are made serially rather than in parallel (as in Interferometry and Hartmann testing).

I received a Celestron eyepiece kit with a scope. For those who don’t know, it comes with:
32,17,13,8 and 6mm plossls, a 2x Barlow, 6 color and a moon filter. There is also a Celestron lens pen in there.
I haven’t looked through any of these yet.

So tell me, why do people consider this trash. Or is it?
Seems like a decent beginners kit for a resonable price.

Disclaimer: I have never looked through a premium eyepiece, and have no preconceived bias to these cheap plossls one way or the other. Personally I hope they perform well to my eye, and that’s all I care about. Price/prestige of a piece of gear is irrelevant to me. If it performs well I don’t care if it cost 5 bucks.

So please tell us why you like or hate this eyepiece deal. Thanks.

I purchased a excellent condition Meade 9mm flat top Ortho made in Japan to use in a classic scope. I tried using the eyepiece the other night and when looking at bright objects like the moon I see a very strong light blue-ish circle glow. At first I thought it could be the inside barrel threads that are not flat black coated, I put a black foam insert to make sure that was not causing the problem. Tested again, and I still see the problem.

Thelight blue-ish circle glow is most prominent when i look at the moon while the lighted part is off center, and the dark side in the center. I would estimate the size of the circle glow from memory to be about 25% or so.

What is causing this? Should I blacken the lens edges?

Eyepieces Questions & Recommendations / Sterling Plossl 30mm
« on: December 24, 2017, 06:14:12 PM »
I just got a new Sterling 2" 30mm Plossl out of http://www.astronome...optic-1609.html
They don't have the 40mm or 25mm people -sorry, but they really do possess any 30mm left.Without google translator I wouldn't have managed to do it.  You can contact them and they can set up a virtual caddy for you.  When you enter the country of origin pick among those EU choices as the guy said it did not matter.  It'll cost you about $100, but Sterling fans know the drill.  After the snow clears I will have the ability to provide this beasty a go, but of course the NE remains cloudy.
There may be other sellers out there who have any of those dwindling stocks left if you're ready to look.  Google translator made the entire thing pretty simple.

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