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Why do vendors/dealers sell telescopes with a mediocre mount and tripod. Buyers should be given an ota only option. Without an ota option, buyers are forced to buy used. Buying used is a risk, that a lot of people don't want to take. Thanks to you all.

Hi Cloudy Nights gang,

I am thinking of grinding a mirror and would like to eventually grind a 16 inch. Since the cost is rather high and failure is rather certain for my first, I was thinking about using something else to get some practice. Sure, I could get a smaller mirror but the only issue I have with doing this is what will I use a smaller mirror for? I have little use for a 8" or smaller since I already have a 8" Zhumell. I do not feel I need two of them. Besides, should I end up making a better mirror in 8" and a more travel-centric scope, I would probably have to either sell the Zhumell or relegate it to the closet. I hate the idea of a scope never seeing starlight again. I guess I could do a 10" or 12" but I also fear that once I do one, I may never want to do another. I also hear that going too small is no good. I could grind a small 3" or 4" and use it as a spotting scope for kicks I guess. Unfortunately, living in the suburbs of NYC (AKA light pollution central) doesn't lend itself well to using small optics.

So I was thinking. Could I use something else to get down the methodology. Has anyone done this? I was thinking of using the following:

1. using glass tiles and make an epoxy -glass 'mirror blank' - I could stack them either on edge like dominoes I would think would be better.
2. Use a square glass block (not sure if these are solid or hollow but Home Depot has 12" sq. ones) used as walls and such.
3. Use a cutoff of marble or quartz, synthetic or any solid counter top material. I would be making rock ashtrays or parts bowls with them. Seems to me the counter tops can be polished well and might respond favorably.
4. Make a block of epoxy - Ever leave some epoxy in a cup it will form a nice hard block. I have heard/read online that some chat about polishing epoxy to a shine. Not looking for a mirror. Only looking to practice grinding a curve and what not.

I am not trying to use these materials to make a mirror. Only use them to learn how to hog, grind, fine grind and polish and figure without it costing me a lot. Might even be shiny enough to do the Ronchi and Foucault testing. Might end up with a nice mortar. LOLSO far, I have not been able to find some port holes to use either.

All I want is some substance that can be ground using the agents used in glass making.

What are your thoughts????


I have a 9mm for my Cestron Astromaster 70 AZ, Jupiter looks ok but would a 6mm be
past the range of scope and the loss of detail not worth it ? I understand seeing conditions
play a big roll in it. My line up for this scope is a Celestron 9mm Omni, Celestron stock 20mm,
Celestron 32mm Omni, Gosky var polarizing filter and a Lumicon UHC.

STARlighting from Canada

Light Pollution Topics / How Light Pollution May Interfere with Your Sleep
« on: December 27, 2017, 11:41:27 AM »
From the American Academy of Neurology:


Eyepieces Questions & Recommendations / Minimum Glass Eyepiece Comparison
« on: December 27, 2017, 10:53:11 AM »
I had a gaggle of minimum glass eyepieces that saw first light last night. Mostly Tak Abbes and a Fujiyama Abbe. I took the chance to do some comparisons with my existing little eyepieces in my NP101is.

The 5mm Fujiyama Abbe was up against my 5 XO. I have had the XO for over a year now and I keep seeing why it has such ahigh reputation. Along the way there's been 5mm BGO and UO HD eyepieces I didn't likeso much. The 5mm TMB SMC was a good eyepiece, but not so well corrected in my scopes as the XO, and the 30 degree AFOV did eventually start wearing me down, so that moved on as well. I have the 7mm Fujiyama and think it's a fine eyepiece, but I wasn'ttoo thrilled with the 5mm Fujiyama last night. It showed a bright internal reflection, butaround only half the inside of the eyepiece when observing the moon. Lunar features where not as sharp as with the XO. Looking at Sirius, I could pick up the Pup in the XO during moments of better seeing, but that never happened through the Fujiyama. So, this one looks set to move on as well, and the 5XO will claim a permanent place in my case.

I was very pleased with how my new 6 and 4 Tak Abbes stacked up against my 6 and 4 ZAO II's. In the seeing conditions available, the eyepieces appeared identical. That ranged from observing lunar features, the stars in the Trapezium and also the Pup. The only reason I own these eyepieces is to observe threshold objects that the widefields struggle with, such as faint moons around bright planets, or faint doubles with bright companions, and also threshold deep sky objects. I don't use these typically for planetary observing, where the ZAO reputation reigns.

From an ergonomic point, the Tak's are ahead of virtually everything out there because of their eye cup design. I found that last night when switching between the 6mm. Itis comfortable to lightly rest against the eye cup, and it blocks out the extraneous light as well. I find myself cupping my hand around the ZAO when I use it. Another point to the Tak lineup is their very sharp field stop, in comparison to the soft and jagged appearance in the ZAO. It's a minor thing, but I do have a thing for sharp field stops.

Next step is to get them out to the dark site in some big aperture and see how they compare on the really faint stuff.

Beginners Forum / Nexstar evolution 8
« on: December 24, 2017, 08:23:18 PM »
Hi everyone.  I'm trying to step up out of my first scope a 8 in dobsonion inteliscope.  I really enjoy the celestron nexstar 8.  I'm looking for any advice on the development and thoughts about what is out there to measure up to.  I'm 45 pretty good condition except for a very bad foot injury with nerve damage therefore simple portability is crucial.  My budget is $2000 I will be doing mostly visual with occasional planetary moon photos.  Thanks

Eyepieces Questions & Recommendations / testing a Nagler
« on: December 24, 2017, 03:16:28 PM »
Hey, I have a tele-vue 4.8millimeter nagler 1.25".  It is older (and smooth).  I have hardly used it and want to sell it to purchase something different.  I believe it is too high mag for my viewing conditions.  I can find a shapr picture with a 6mm of jupiter but its fuzzy together with the 4.8.  I want to create ssure that there isn't anything wrong with it before I sell.  Can there be a way to test?  I live in Maine and rarely have great viewing.  I don't have any reason to believe there's anything wrong but don't wnat to find a bad rep.

Beginners Forum / Another Noob Question Telescope Transport Boxes/Bags?
« on: December 24, 2017, 09:46:07 AM »
Hello all.

I am curious how everyone transports their scopes.  Our XT8 is excellent and fits nicely into the car.  We have been using the first Orion shipping box to move the scope out to the dark site but the dew is not doing the cardboard some good.  We just take the box outside temporarily for setup but that is too much occasionally.  I am wondering if anyone would be willing to share thoughts, pics, or plans to get an adequate cage or bag they like using and helps protect their scopes on road trips.

Thank you,

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