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Hi community,

In search for dark sites, I found these two dark site map web pages:


If you look at the two maps, you will notice that they look very different from each other for any given region. If you search for Palos Verde, CA, for example, you will notice that lightpollutionmap is much more fine grained than darksitefinder. This begs the question: How come these maps are so different from each other?

Hi all,
Haven't been here for quick a while.
After done some research in optic design, I come out with this 10" (250mm) F2.8 system.
*It has hyperbolic main mirror with cc=-2.166; ----will have it done and coated by vendor.
*It has 28% obstruct in diameter, it is pretty small considering a F2.8 visual system.
*The corrector has 4 elements in 2 groups, each group contains 2 lens, LaK and ED glass have been introducted to reduce aberration. ---- will have it done and coated by vendor.
*It has 3 degree(36mm disk) designed field of view in terms of diffraction limited. and will still have cool quality image at 5 degree edge(60mm disk).
Preliminary tolerance analysis shows it has good result, so I post the whole data here to get some advice or thoughts. Thanks for any help!

Have my sights on the following scopeOrion Atlas 8 EQ-G GoTo Reflector Telescope F4.9 Newtonian. Not in the market for Televue lenses so looking at what are contenders to buy after these - such as Luminos or Meade 5000 Ultra Wide Angles. Any others on this level of quality to consider. I am approaching retirement in a few years so considering what to buy. Thanks!


Mounts Questions & Expirience / More I use the G11 the more I like it
« on: December 30, 2017, 06:25:37 AM »
I've had the G11 for almost a year and a half and it just works. I used to be happy with 3 hours of imaging, now if clear I go for as many nights as I can. Last 2 images I got 23 hours and 55 minutes on 2 objects. The mount just chugged along. Nothing nicer than going to sleep and seeing 6-7 hours of data and the mount parked when you wake up. And the G11 still looks pretty **** awesome even for solar Attached Thumbnails

Beginners Forum / Beginner dob Recommendation is almost always 8", why?
« on: December 24, 2017, 10:43:31 AM »
Hi guys

All over the net when I see new folks searching for a dob telescope everyone urges the 8".  I know the cost to aperture ratio is decent but what about the usually forgotten 6" dob?

I've owned a 6" and an 8" in precisely the same time.  Had them both cooled and aimed high.  I had the luxury of directly comparing them.  I had 24mm Panoptic X2 so every scope had one.  (I had been holding them for a friend who purchased them used for binos).

I have to say I did not see much difference between the two scopes concerning viewing more in the bigger one.  I'm in the city, so perhaps at a dark site it'd have been apparent?  What I did notice is how clean the opinion was in the 6" dob, filled with richness and contrast.  Not to say the 8" was awful or anything but as hard as I tried to like the 8" longer, I ended up enjoying the 6" more.

The 8" isn't a monster but when it came time to transport them in the 6" was easier, to me that the opinion was better, it looked considerably smaller although it's the same focal length.  And it was cute as a button in my living space.

I feel the 6" needs some love.  It brings a lot to the table in a much better price then the".

Last, there was something magical about the 24mm Panoptic from the 6" F8 dob.

Subject describes it all.  Here is the chart I am trying to add to my touch:

Http://www.cleardark...key.html#appearI tried using this code from that web page:

<a href=""><a href=; [/url][/url]
I can't seem to get the chart to show up, only the code.

Light Pollution Topics / What are my rights?
« on: December 24, 2017, 03:53:54 AM »
Hi Folks, A while ago I moved into a brand new subdivision, it was partially chosen because it had dark skies.  Lately the land next to me was sold along with a new owner moved.  In short order the brand new neighbor started adding exterior lights to their own property.  My property is bathed in their mild.  What are my rights?  Can I need that they aim the lights to only shine in their own property?  Or am I simply out of luck?  ThanksDisgruntled.

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