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Why did you choose an alt-azimuth mount rather than a equatorial mount? Are Equatorial mounts becoming obsolete? Thanks to you all.

Hi I have an obsession 12.5 which I love. Retirement is beckoning and I am thinking of upscaling to a 16 inch new moon telescopw. Would the financial outlay be worth the gain in aperture? If I went ahead, the 12.5 would be my travel scope. I would want the 16 inch to be sited at home in Dunedin (NZ). Any opinions would bw welcome. Regards Larry.

I've been looking for a good zoom eyepiece on a budget for some time and this little gem popped up. Yep, thats a real Nikon 7-21mm zoom eyepiece for the same cost, or less, of a cheap no name zoom. Plus it'sfrom a brick and mortarauthorized Nikon dealer. While it's not as desirable as the MCII, it's a quality zoom with a 40-60 FOV that originally sold for £130 back in 2006(search for "15-45X" in the linked official Nikon price list from 2006). I personally tested it and found it far better than any of the budget Plossls (Gosky, Sbvony, etc) I have laying around and should give the Meade and Celestron zooms a run for their money.

I will say you will need to find/make a 1.25" adapter but there's a couple threads on how to do that on CN and elsewhere. Even with making an adapter, you still end up with a very nice zoom for less than used Celestron or Meade zoom.
It's cousin as reviewed by Cloudy Nightsand detailed images of the EP that's being sold.

Clear skies and good gear on a pocket change budget.Disclaimer
I'm in no way associated with the seller or receiving any thing for posting this. While I was thinking about picking up a second EP for later when I could afford it, I figured the community would be better served by letting everybody know about it.

Beginners Forum / Thinking of getting Stellarvue finderscope...
« on: December 28, 2017, 10:03:18 PM »
... Specifically, the Stellarvue 9X50 RACI. Just wondering what experiences people have had with this finder, especially with an f6 dob. I like that eye pieces can be swapped out on it, and sounds like it could provide quite nice views itself. Currently I'm using a Telrad, but think a finder scope could be real handy (I'm in a yellow zone). Thanks for any input you have!

Subject says it all....  The manual is woefully inadequate for someone who has never done this before.

Beginners Forum / Celestron X-Cel LX
« on: December 27, 2017, 09:20:29 PM »
So, We had some really nice skies tonight, and I went out at was checking out Jupiter for a bit. Still get used to the Dob, but I was able to get really good views of Jupiter with my 3 x barlow and a cheap 15mm celestron eyepiece. So I am thinking I want a nice 5 mm for nights like this. I have a starhopper 8 inch dob. I saw a Celestron X-Cel LX 5 mm on Amazon for 65.00. Anyone using these eyepieces have any pro's or cons on them before I order. I don't have the money to get all I want at one time, but would like to buy all the same brand/series as I get the money.


Thing is supposedly near new, only used a couple of times.

What do you guys think?

Additionally, is USPS postage to abroad destinations really that expensive?  I have been quoted about USD $100 to ship from US to Australia, for example insurance.  That sounds too high to me.

I'm absolutely new to Astromart, and they have no info I could see in relation to how payment is organised etc..  Feeling quite nervous about it all.


Beginners Forum / Dampening/Where do you fall?
« on: December 24, 2017, 01:36:16 AM »
Fellow Beginners:

I learned something new again last weekend I thought I'd share.  Not just about Astronomy but also my personal equipment preferences.  To give this the appropriate back story I have to tell you first that my friend had a 10" Reflector on a Vixen Mount (I don't know the model #'s), which pushed the mounts weight capability.  That's pretty much all the backstory I'm going to need.

So he traces out a dual star.  I approached the eyepiece, appearing in the dual star was a little fuzzy, so instinctively I realized to its fine focus.  This is when I learned about dampening.  I said, "This is frustrating the hell out of me.  The stars keep bouncing."  My friend laughed and said, "Yep that's called dampening."  Then he went on to tell me about how a few people have less tolerance to dampening, and how a few people are ok so long as it does not exceed one second, at which others are okay in the 3 second range.  I said, "I don't like any."  He added, "That's why you're called an Overmounter, essentially somebody who likes more mount to the extent."  We both had a fantastic laugh because I did not understand anything about the classes or the definitions.

You may all know about this but this is a beginners forum so I thought at least I would share my latest experiences/findings.  So where do you fall about this?  Under or Over Mounter?

Chris S.

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