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I want to preface this - I now have the gamut of scopes - a 8 inch Celestron C8 classic Orange tube , a 10 inch orion Dobson , a Meade 90 MM refractor goto , and last but not least a 4.5 reflector on a nice german eq mount - I read about people who have zambuto mirrors that have certain strehl ratios and ooh and ahhh about being able to go to 300x magnification-my question to you with more experience - I cant seem to go above 120X or 150X in magnification without things going soft. Chasing perfect scope I can do - but in the end where or what do I fix - my eyes are 55 years old - I don't see very good - I don't think I can improve my C8, on the refractor I cant improve it - but the things I can change is the 10 inch orion Dobson - it is factory made - is it worth getting the 10 inch mirror refigured , would it improve my lot in life ? What about the secondary - how important or quantam leap is a secondary with 99% reflectivity and made from quartz will improve my lot in life?
Is a 500 dollar eyepiece going to significantly improve my views ? Inquiring minds want to know...

My Pentax XW40 arrived today from the seller in Portugal and my Pentax XW full "forever" eyepiece set is FINALLY complete! Very excited and just wanted to share my excitement with everyone.Attached Thumbnails

First there was Hyperion. And it was "okay".

Then there was Hyperion Zoom. And it was good. Very good, even.

Now there is Morpheus. And it is very good.

So why not a Morpheus Zoom that is great?



Trying to gauge the effort of handling a big dob... (OK, please ignore my unforgivable typo in the topic line...)
For you big dobs (14" or bigger), if you were to transport it away from home to a dark site, what is your set-up time and what is the tear-down time?
The set-up time is measured from the moment you park your car to the moment all systems are assembled, aligned and collimated, ready for observation. This does not include the cool down time of the primary.
The tear down time is measured from the moment the observation is done to the moment you are ready to drive away.
Thanks! It would also be helpful to mention if you have DSC or go-to, because they add to the set-up time significantly.

I did some searching in the forums but cannot find much if any information or user reports from the field about theDSV-3 with SiTech DSTC-1 tracking system. Has anyone plunked down the cash for one of these yet and if so, can you report on it? It seems like it could be a great option and a competitor to motorized mounts with dual scope mounting manual movement capability such as the AZ-EQ5 and AZ-EQ6. The website says:

>Since we started making Alt-Az mounts over 9 years ago, we dreamed of a mount that combined the
simplicity and intuitiveness of a manual Alt-Az mount with the convenience of a computerized tracking
mount. One that is easy to setup, one that you can manually push to the object you want to observe
without losing alignment, one that automatically tracks once you have selected your target, so you
don't have to be constantly adjusting to keep the object in the field of view.

That sounds like my dream too! So I want to know if this mount is a dream come true or not. Specifically, the performance of the tracking of the servo motors, how well it does with Nexus DSCs, smoothness of manual movements vs using the special GoTo controller among other things. Anyone got one?

Mounts Questions & Expirience / AVX Sticky/Gummy clutches and axis
« on: December 28, 2017, 02:08:16 AM »
Has anyone solved the biggest problem with the AVX mounts? When trying to balance the scope, both axis are very sticky or gummy and you can't really judge what is and isn't perfectly balanced or a little off. Has anyone found the solution to this? Anybody taken theirs apart, regreased it with something else and found it to be a lot smoother? Thanks!

I am about to spend a little over $2,000 to buy a set of 4 eyepieces across TeleVue's Ethos line and in the process of reading some reviews, I learned that the Ethos eyepieces are actually made in CHINA. Now that i've learned Ethos eyepieces are made in China, I am finding it very difficult to justify the significant difference in cost over the comparable Explore Scientific 100 degree eyepieces which are also made in China. And better yet, the ES eyepieces come with a lifetime no questions asked warranty. From my understanding, Nagler eyepieces are still made in Japan but not the other eyepieces from TeleVue. This makes Nagler worth the price of admission, but certainly not the others. I find it hard to pay premium prices for a product made in China, when there are comparable products also made in China with the same capability and better pricing with lifetime warranties. The only argument i've been able to find is that TeleVue gets "pick of the litter" from the factory and inspects the eyepieces before shipment to customers. That's not worth the price of admission for me when I can buy the same eyepiece made by ES and leverage a lifetime warranty if I so choose with ES.

I am not debating the merits of Chinese manufacturing and I am aware its come a long way. The issue I have is why TeleVue Ethos eyepieces are exhorbitantly more expensive than ES 100 degree eyepieces given they are both made in China and ES is offering a lifetime warranty. Is there ANY reason to buy Ethos over ES 100*?

If Ethos were made in Japan or the U.S., then this would be a no brainer for me. But they're not.

EDIT: Post #4 below stated that Ethos glass comes from JAPAN -- can anyone verify?

EDIT #2: According to a post from 2011 comparing the ES 100 and Ethos, this was a powerful quote that has pushed me over the edge to go with the ETHOS: "I have been comparing hand to hand ES 100 and Ethos. I found differences, notably in transparency (from my home M97 was not visible with ES and was cleraly there with Ethos, the same respect geometry of stars beyond 1/3 FOV). That was not subtle differences."
^Just submitted my order for $2,300 worth of 4 Ethos eyepieces after reading that.

Mounts Questions & Expirience / CGE PRO Knobs - Clearance
« on: December 25, 2017, 01:51:42 PM »

Only purchased a CGE Pro given the drop in cost to 3k.  I needed another bracket for Hyperstar and this made given I had the tripod.  Anyways, I only got this porcupine out and after some fiddling around, it looks like the knobs on the dec axis actually rub up against one for the engine control boxes.

Am I missing some thing?  I will machine down these things but the simple fact that they rub up against the housing is ridiculous.

Mounts Questions & Expirience / How do I update my Starsense Firmware?
« on: December 24, 2017, 07:22:18 PM »
I just received a Starsense unit for the AVX.  How can I check to make sure it's the latest firmware?  If not, where can I go on the web and how can I achieve upgrading the firmware.

The guide says there's an RS-232 jack to update the firmware and says the firmware is completely updateable, but provides no extra information.

Any help will be appreciated, however I am a newcomer in this area, so please don't presume I know what to do.  Thanks.

ATM, Optics and DIY Forum / Grinding back of mirror
« on: December 24, 2017, 04:28:58 PM »
Hello, this is my first mirror and I just finished fine grinding.  I have seen a couple sites recommending squeezing the back of the mirror to prevent astigmatism.  Is this necessary, or can I proceed to shining without even doing it?  I'd hate to ruin the mirror.

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