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I had always been under the impression that the extra resolving power of increased aperture only manifests once you start increasing magnification, but the other night I was comparing the 3rd quarter moon in my 8" SCT with my 12" dob, and even at the same magnification, the 12" dob was showing enormous amounts of detail and texture that was just invisible in the 8" (despite better optics in the 8"). In neither case was I pushing magnification to either scope's limits. Seeing was good, but not great.

Is that normal or were my eyes just playing tricks on me?

Reflectors Telescopes Forum / Discovery 15" Dob advice
« on: January 11, 2018, 05:35:21 AM »
Hello. I'm looking for advice on a dob. I was planning to get a Zhumell Z12 and a couple high end eyepieces however I am now contemplating a used Discovery 15" scope (and maybe only 1 nice eyepiece). Right now on astromart classifieds there is a Discovery within driving distance. It is a truss unit from 2003. I don't really know what fair prices are but its a little over half what a new one would cost fromoptcorp. What are the opinions on this scope? What should one look for when looking at it? Any other advice? Thanks.

Hello my friends, I want to fully flock my soon to be ordered Orion XT12G when it gets here and need to know how much flocking material to order. Thanks to recommendations here, I will be orderingmy flocking materialfrom scopestuff. They offer it in two sizes 12" X 47" or 23.5" X 47". I'm assuming that the 12" wide materialwould be easier to work with. So how many would I need to order to fill my tube?

Per theOrion website the tube is approximately 14 inches diameter and 58 inches long.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Currently I have Modo 4015 Eyeglass frames. They are good frames, but I think I might need a new prescription and new glasses. I was curious if there was a benefit from different lens shapes or designs?

In addition do any specifications add to or take away from observing, i.e. anti-reflective coatings or scratch resistance

For reference here's the design of my current specshttps://www.eyeglass.../modo-4015.html

Jon Thomas

Eyepieces Questions & Recommendations / Televue Bandmate Planetary Filter ?
« on: December 29, 2017, 01:56:37 PM »
Hello,I am searching for a planetary filter and I came across this, "Tele Vue 1.25" Bandmate Planetary Filter # BPL-0125":'s pretty expensive for a 1.25" filter.... Anyone knows anything about it ?Thanks.

With the development of photonic chips and nano-optics, the old ground glass lenses can't keep up in the race toward miniaturization. In the search for a suitable replacement, a team from the Swinburne University of Technology has developed a graphene microlens one billionth of a meter thick that can take sharper images of objects the size of a single bacterium and opens the door to improved mobile phones, nanosatellites, and computers.

Beginners Forum / First ever upgrade, what telescope should I buy?
« on: December 27, 2017, 03:15:17 PM »
Hi Everyone, I'm brand new to astronomy, and I am contemplating my first upgrade. My wife bought me an inexpensive celestron 114lcm last year, and I have been hooked ever since, getting it out every chance I can get, but it's time for me to look for something bigger and better, or at least better. I have a couple conundrums to figure out, firstly, I would like to eventually get into astrophotography, although I need to learn a good deal more before I take that step. I was planning on purchasing a celestron 8se SCT with avx mount, but if I am going to be eventually trying astrophotography, then an sct may not be the best choice, but on the other hand, if I am not going to be trying AP for a couple years, then maybe an sct will be just the ticket for observing. I know a lot of people tend to suggest an 80mm refractor, but I am concerned that for planetary observing and general sky-hopping this may not be enough scope. I've also seen newts as a common happy medium, but these seem like they are a bit more finicky and need adjustment more frequently, and unfortunately i don't necessarily have the time that it might deserve to be adjusting equipment. Any pointers or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Light Pollution Topics / No luck removing or blocking street light in front
« on: December 24, 2017, 04:40:57 AM »
In my front lawn I have an very bright street lighting, not sure what type of bulb it's, but the light is white.  I really don't require a porch light on a dark moonless night to unload groceries out of my vehicle.  This light is blinding.We had a tree fall and take out a line in the front of the home, so NYSEG was here doing repair.  I asked one of the men, "Can you feel you could do something to block or eliminate that street lighting?  It is shining in my daughters room and she is having trouble sleeping."  The guy said he would come out another day to finish the lines and he'll bring a shield for the mild.  I felt fairly hopeful that I could finally use my front lawn instead of my tree infested backyard.The following day the guy showed up and I ask if he had the protector, he said he was unable to get approval to shield the light.Approval to shield a light?  Is this seriously something?  He told me to get heavier/darker curtains for the room.  I feel like there is no hope now.

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