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Just a question that came to me. Thanks for any answers!

HI- I am building my first (NON SONOTUBE) telescope.  I paid lots of money for a refigured 12.5" full depth mirror, am looking for an equal secondary, (once I figure out dimension) and am looking for the truss tube clamps.  You can easily spend a small fortune, but what do you all do?  I can not see spending 20$ each for theseonce you want 12-16 of these, and so I ask.

I know another option is "star fangled nuts" like are utilized on bike handlebars--which might function perfectly, but I want to use thick walled 1" OD aluminum which is about 3/4" ID.  They are tough to find in 3/4".  I have seen pictures where folks used clamps for mountain bicycle seats- that is a fantastic concept, but not sure how you anchor that to the telescope, and of course- I have seen wood ones, that I have reservations about.

Much like the elevation bearings--its hard to cut and finish just round or 1/2 round- and - buying aluminum ones are crazy priced--such as 200ish $.

I guess my worries are -  I do not mind investing money into this - I already have sunk 1000$ to the mirror as mentioned and that I just got it back and'm excited.   I just don't want to invest alot of money in these little odds and ends components when I am uncertain what works best and what does not.

The criteria is that it needs to be simple to set up /take down, and at the same time be solid--ie colimation isn't an ever changing thing.

I've the "bibles", like berry/Krieg, and Tom Clark, therefore I've a fantastic understanding of what I want to do- that I just need sources for these expensive components.  I don't claim to be a professional- I am very new- and - learning, but know essentially what/how/why items are done the way they're done.  I have all the tools that I need, and have my money invested in optics (televue/pentax/etc) and mirror so far.


Beginners Forum / Fork mounts
« on: December 24, 2017, 12:07:50 AM »
Hi all... Easy question about fork mounts.  I've heard it said a few occasions that the SCT and fork mount are treated like a single component/part.  I have also heard people talk about "de-forking" their own SCT.  I have just used alt-az mounts and Dobsonians at which the telescope more or less slides right into place.  Is it not a straightforward/easy process to remove the OTA from a fork?  The best advice I can find indicates that they held onto the mount by 4 screws.

I ask because portability and ease-of-use are an issue for me personally.  4 screws are not a big deal on a workbench but I do not believe I want to be screwing together my rig at a dark area every time that I go out.  If the one-armed Nexstars work just like a simple dovetail I am beginning to find the logic in this design.

Together these lines... When I look at the specs for your LX-90 8", Meade's website says 14 pounds.  For your OTA, but when I look at the scope/mount merchandise page it says 33 pounds.  For the "extent"  I am assuming it is counting the weight of the mount (not including straps) for all those additional 19 pounds. ?

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