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Mounts Questions & Expirience / Twilight II mount.I don't like it.
« on: December 29, 2017, 12:58:33 PM »
So I purchased a new ES Twilight 2 mount with extension to use with my ES 127 apo.Now I will say that I am a huge ES fan.I think Scott Roberts is an awesome guy and I have been very happy with Explore Scientific.
I do have to say though that I really don't like this mount.
First thing is the mount is a pain to put together. Unlike Celestron or Orion tripods the eyepiece tray has to be installed on the bar that has the snap ring so it does not come off.When you want to tighten it up the eyepiece tray it is a very tight fit and it's hard to put the tabs on each leg.
When the mount is put together with the extension pier it is still way too short and the legs need to be extended all the way. Something I don't need to do with my avx.It has an extension as well.
Slewing the mount sucks without a counterweight on the other side.luckily I fabricated an awesome counter weight and it helped a lot.
On objects the mount is not smooth side to side or up and down.I tried adjusting the knobs but even all the way loose it still sucked.When you do center an object it is extremely shaky. I had to let it settle down but by that time it was out of the fov so I had to do it again. High powers forget about it. I had to use my 12mm 92 the whole time. It may be because the bottom of the legs are rubber.
In general I don't like the mount and I will be using my AVX from now on.

Eyepieces Questions & Recommendations / Zambuto 12.5" f/5 and a paracorr
« on: December 29, 2017, 11:29:17 AM »
Ok, this is an honest question and my own personal observations so please bear with me.

Last night, for the first time I used a paracorr on my 12.5" starmaster f/5 with a zambuto primary. I used nagler 20mm T2 and 17mm and 12mm Nagler t4s.
I viewed the star fields in the cygnus region and the double cluster in persus with my desire being to fill the ep with as many star as possible. Here's where it gets weird...I honestly could not see any difference between the views with and without the paracorr except for a slight increase in magnification. In all 3 eps, stars were round right to the edge of the fov in all 3 eps with and without the paracorr.

What am I missing here? I've read a paracorr is a "must have" for all dobs under f/6 and that the difference in the view would be pretty substantial. The difference with and without the paracorr was indistinguishable for me, except for the slight increase in magnification as I mentioned. Do I just not realize what the difference is?

thanks to all in advance...

Reflectors Telescopes Forum / Flex-Mirrors
« on: December 28, 2017, 09:06:04 PM »
Gary Seronik mentions a flex-mirror design in his farewell article in the May edition of S&T. This piqued my interest and I downloaded his Nov. 2000 article on the subject. Some of the article was a bit above my head, but it got me thinking. Would it be possible to use a flex-mirror to make a telescope with a variable f/ratio? For example, if you happen to look at the chart at the bottom of page 136 for that 00' article, it shows two different tables for a 6" Reflector. One for an f/6 and one for an f/8 design. If you could adjust the eyepiece location, would it be possible to adjust the tension to go between the two f/ratios?

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