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One common weakness is that the center spots on the mirrors are frequently off by a few mm's. I know this is minor but it's something that you would think could be easily fixed at the factory and save the new owner the inconvenience. Secondary thumbscrews instead of allen screws is another thing that I would think that all dobs would come equipped. I can't imagine much of a price difference.I'm glad that some GSO/Synta models are now coming with ebony star or lazy susan type AZ bearings, nice. The collapsable bases on the orion XX models is a fantastic idea for transportation of a large dob.I have an XT10i and I frequently get to use ny friends Z12 and both scopes are of pretty much equal build and optical quality. I like the extra perks that the zhumell comes with like the adjustable ALT/AZ bearings, the 2-speed focuser and the 2-1.25 adapter is threaded for filters. It's a shame that zhumell(GSO) doesn't offer push-to capability.

Eyepieces Questions & Recommendations / Re: Short FL eyepieces - advice
« on: February 08, 2018, 06:31:28 PM »
My advice--consider a 2.5X Powermate. Your 13mm and 8mm Ethoi would become effectively become a 5.2mm (155X) Ethos and a 3.2mm Ethos (252X). The Celestron Luminos 2.5X Barlow is another barlow to consider if you're worried about a giant Ethos eyepiece sticking out of a Powermate with a 1.25"-barrel.
Another possibility is get a 2X and 4X Powermate (both 2") and you'll have 100° focal lengths at 21mm, 13mm, 10.5mm (not sure you REALLY want to barlow a 21mm Ethos...but you COULD), 8mm, 6.5mm, 5.25mm (21E + 4X-PM) 4mm, 3.25mm and 2.0mm.
And yet another possibility is get a 2.5X Powermate and a Baader Zoom. The 24mm setting would probably have too small a field of view for your tastes, but it's about 60-70° at the 12mm and 8mm settings (effectively 4.8mm to 3.2mm w/2.5X Powermate). The advantage here is that you could fine-tune between the click-stops to get the optimal magnification.
Just my 1.4-cents' worth. It was worth 2 cents, but that was before taxes.

Clear Skies,

Beginners Forum / Re: Buying first telescope as an noob turning 30.
« on: February 03, 2018, 10:51:26 AM »
Excellent choice! To this I would add a copy of S&T's Pocket Sky Atlas, Turn Left at Orion, a small notebook, a small table, and a comfy seat.

Something like...
Enjoy your new scope!

Beginners Forum / Re: a little bit dissapointed
« on: February 02, 2018, 08:57:39 PM »

Two thoughts. One, as John said, it sounds like bad seeing. Nothing can be done about that. It is what it is. Two, Venus isn't all that great to look at right now. Mars is also not going to fantastic because of how far away it is from us right now. Jupiter is going to be enjoyable in both your scopes when it starts to rise earlier. I would also look for the Orion Nebula M42 and thePleiades M45. There are also some nice open clusters out there right now to look at. So don't give up on things yet.

Beginners Forum / Re: Idiot needs help with collimation
« on: February 02, 2018, 05:35:57 PM »
The Celestron Cheshire tool is the one that has registration issues in my focusers/adapters, so I don't trust it other than as a rough check. Compared to the good fit of the laser it is very approximate and subjective.

Haven't used the Orion Deluxe laser and its body looks different than ours. I have the stock Zhumell that came with my son's Z10. It has a rather large laser dot/bar, but this actually works extremely well with his etched center dot, and well with my 20" center ring too. Once you figure out how it is oriented the shape can be used to advantage. It actually works better than the small dot of my Kendrick laser.

Beginners Forum / Re: hello :) :)
« on: February 02, 2018, 05:23:59 PM »
Does the club that you joined have regular star gazes? Before buying, go to one or two. Talk to folks with a variety of scopes, and look thru them. See if anybody has one similar to what you're thinking of buying. Look thru it, discuss its positive and negative aspects with the owner, if you're there when he/she breaks down, observe the simplicity/complexity of the process, and try to find out the heft & awkwardness of the pieces.

Don't give in too easily & quickly to the "New and shiny - Gotta have-its!" Do as much research as you can.

Good luck, and welcome to the hobby!

Jim H.


Beginners Forum / Re: nebula/ color
« on: February 02, 2018, 03:32:59 PM »
Hummmmm...I tend to see color in everything in my old eyes. Dark skiesJack

- take only your own eyes + solar-safe glasses to view the partial moments leading to totality.
- DON'T waste a second fiddling with any photos or videos during totality, except to the extent that can be preprogrammed to take place fully automatically, without your further intervention.

The best eclipse photo or video ever made is as to direct witness and viewing with your own eyes, is the difference between a photo of a skydiver and skydiving yourself. The former can never remotely capture the experience, which is profound.


I'm thinking of acquiring a second hand 20 inch Classic Obessesion Truss Dob. Since i'm still young and motivated to move it around without any big problems it is time to forfill this dream.

I wonder if any of you out there with simmilar size scopes manage to put this huge thing in a Medium to large Sedan after it's dissasembled.

At the moment I have a Solid Tube 12 inch Orion XTI12 that fits in my Sedan. I'm thinking the fact that since the 20 inch dob is a Truss design it will fit, but the mirror box and the length of the poles will be the challenge. My car is an older 2004 A6 so it has a huge booth with foldable rear seats.

Please advise

Thank you.

No chance in HECK that a 20" Obsession will fit in any sedan; not even a full sized sedan.

Just sayin.

It takes two strong men to put a 20er in the bed of a pickup truck. The mirror box will be too wide and too tall to fit in through *any* sedan-sized and sedan-shaped portal, whether trunk/boot lid or any of the four doors, and too heavy for you to load in under awkward circumstances solo.

The best way to transport a 20" Obsession with a sedan is to add a tow hitch and tow it in a small cargo trailer.

You could add a roof rack to the trailer for the big ladder you'll be climbing with a 20" f/5, too.

Perhaps the easiest way to convince you of your folly on this one would be to get an empty 30" x 30" x 30" cardboard box and have fun putting that in your sedan. Then imagine a cube of roughly the same dimensions, utterly rigid, and weighing 100#, and trying to do the same thing with it.



Eyepieces Questions & Recommendations / Re: Barlow for minimal glass EP.
« on: January 31, 2018, 07:37:03 AM »
What's important to make your barlow "transparent" is the quality of its polish and coatings (and, if you're a minimal glass type, the number of air-to-glass transitions where this is relevant).
Yes, aberrations are minimized when the (absolute value of the) focal length increases, but it also depends on the glass types and there's such a thing as "not too short" even for quite common optical glass types in a doublet. And yes, the Chinese $30 shorties are indeed too short. The Baader Q-barlow is also very aggressively diverging, too much to prevent vignetting in longer eyepieces. But that's about it, from experience.
And there's better than the TV barlow. Of the ones I owned, the Baader VIP, the A-P BarAdv, the Zeiss and the (out of production) TMB 1.8x TMB ED barlow, to name but a few. The two last ones are the ones I'd recommend for "minimal glass" aficionados.

That's what I was looking for.

Maybe if I use the original EQ6 controller....?

however, I have now the starsense controller, there is no setting for the brightness. It would be already helpful to switch the light off - so far I can only switch off the mount to do that.

Reflectors Telescopes Forum / Re: Mounting a tablet to a Dob
« on: January 31, 2018, 05:44:03 AM »

Light Pollution Topics / Re: Sometimes It's Hopeless
« on: January 30, 2018, 11:47:47 PM »

General Astronomy & Observing / Re: Black Cube Hovering in Space
« on: January 29, 2018, 11:21:01 PM »
Resistance is futile.

Reflectors Telescopes Forum / Re: Opinions on OmniXLT 150 Reflector...
« on: January 29, 2018, 09:56:35 PM »
Using the XLT 150 I can see 6 bands on Jupiter, and 5 moons on Saturn

Interesting. With my AR102 I can never see more than two. I recall with my 8" SCT I could easily see Jupiter's largest moons as orbs, not just pinpoints. Do you think the extra 2" in aperture in the Omni XLT 150mm makes the difference?

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