Author Topic: 11" GEM Edge SCT to a 12XXg....Need Your Experience & Input  (Read 34 times)

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11" GEM Edge SCT to a 12XXg....Need Your Experience & Input
« on: December 24, 2017, 04:42:31 PM »
I now have a 11" Edge SCT mounted onto a Atlas visit GEM.   I use it maybe 6-8 times a year in my 'darker' website which takes me 1.5 hours to get to.   I only use it when the conditions are very good to excellent which is the reason why I go out with it few times a year.   I've a CPC 800 which I use the majority of the time and a bit darker website than my backyard, and a 6SE with is my 'faster appearance' back yard almost white zone, poor viewing, moon and sunlight range.
Though my GEM is excellent, I've been annoyed by it because of the set up....lots to do down in my knees polar aligning and a number of trips back and forth to and from the vehicle and re positioning the Move.  (With 4 knee surgeries, hip replacement, shoulder and vertigo brought on my looking it up can be difficult at times).  I believed a Atlas Alt/Az EQ could be the answer to at least eliminating the polar aligning and flipping of the diagonal, but still having to mount 3 counter weights.  But it $2000.   Would then market the Atlas GEM.
Many observing buddies of mine have dobs.  Recently, one bought a 10" Sky Watcher and I enjoy it a whole lot.   Having an 11", I believed that a 12" would be useful for me.  But I have a small hatchback (Prius) that doesn't possess a tall storage area.
I have to have go to and monitoring.
I have to sit down while watching.
So I'm taking a look at the Orion visit 12XXg b/c I can break the mount down to fit in the vehicle in addition to the truss tube.   But the larger base of the 12XXg is big and heavy at 39lbs.  Focuser height, according to Orion is 'about 5 feet'.
I have a good group of EPs, largely 68/70* Delos and ExpSci.  But nothing stronger than a 8mm.  Seeing seldom supports 8mm no less 10mm in the SCT here in NJ.

What I need is advice on the real world technical differences, equipment requirements, set up, etc etc  moving to a 12" visit Dob from a SCT.   I understand the fov, but seems to me that the broad fov sure does illuminate the background skies a lot vs the narrow SCT.
I guess I'll need colimation tools.   Recommendations?
I guess I'll require a 6mm ish EP too.  Smells just like a Delos for me personally.  (don't like wide angle EPs b/c of eye relief and positioning.
Am I trading one set up time issue for another?
How can you find going from a GEM SCT to a Dob?
I guess that the cooling of the Dob with the enthusiast is going to be better than my SCT with active fans.
But I require a shroud.
Can a Dob dew upward as quickly as my 11" SCT?  Egads, what a PITA.
If you knew then what you understand now, would you have done it?
Thank you