Author Topic: 16" GoTo Dob - Orion or Sky-Watcher  (Read 53 times)

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16" GoTo Dob - Orion or Sky-Watcher
« on: December 24, 2017, 03:50:58 PM »
Hello Everybody,

I'm thinking about purchasing a 16" GoTo Dobsonian just for seeing.  Currently you will find two of these in market within my budget of less than $4000:
1.  Orion SkyQuest XX16g GoTo Truss Tube Dobsonianhttp://http://www.te...30/p/102659.uts
2.  Sky-Watcher GoTo Collapsible Dobsonian 16" (406 mm)http://skywatcherusa...-16-406-mm.html

I tried really hard but unable to make a choice on which one to buy as they're more similar than just as Synta makes them.  For instance both of them have same primary mirror.  So after are my ideas up to Now on the two of them:

Why buy from Orion?
1.  I have good impression of Orion goods of great quality, affordable cost and customer service.
2.  The light shroud will not enter the OTA and will not block the light to the primary mirror because the truss layout isn't triangular in shape when seen from over the mirror.
3.  A wonderful padded case sold separately makes it easy to package and transport.  Although I will be packaging and transporting it not too often.  I will be more for seeing from my own backyard.

Why don't you buy from Orion?
1.  It is completely black in colour and doesn't look that attractive as compared to a scope having at least some white colour within it.  I'll kick it by mistake in dark.  Though I will put glow in the dark tapes around the base but that can make it look somewhat strange.
2.  I will for sure buy Orion Atlas Pro AZ-EQ bracket and so would love to get this telescope from a different producer.
3.  It requires dismantling and assembling the OTA in each screening session as I'll roll it on JMI wheely bar in a plastic storage shed whose entry door isn't as high as the scope constructed entirely at least by 1 ft.  Also while assembling and dismantling when I happen to drop down the secondary mirror part of the OTA then it will be a problem for me.  By the way, I'm only 5'10" tall and the mirror segment will probably be over my head once the extent will be on the JMI wheely bar along with also the OTA pointing the zenith.
4.  The truss rods should they bend for any reason then I will have to buy them new as I can't make them ideal straight.  If Orion in future ceases promoting the scope or the sticks as spares then basically I will be done with the extent.

Why buy from Sky-Watcher?
1.  I find good deal of white colour in it and to me it looks attractive.  Less chances of its base getting kicked by mistake.
2.  I'm sure than I will not be buying any other mount/scope from Sky-Watcher.
3.  After seeing if I only collapse the OTA then I will easily pass it via the entry door of the drop.
4.  Very little chances of the collapsible rods becoming bent unless the constructed OTA falls down on stairs.
5.  Sky-Watcher is an excellent rated manufacturer.
6.  It is likely to possess bino-viewer view as well by lifting the secondary gathering to lower height holes.  Please refer the description of the attribute on its website.  Although I will not be seeing comprehensive a bino-viewer.

Why don't you buy from Sky-Watcher?
1.  I haven't seen several Sky-Watcher mounts/scopes in america market in comparison with Orion.
2.  The light shroud can enter the OTA blocking some light to the primary mirror because the truss layout is triangular in form when seen from within the secondary mirror.  However the Astrozap shroud resembles keeping its own cylindrical shape by itself rather than entering the light path to the primary mirror.
3.  Someone on some forum discussion thread on CloudyNights mentioned that the Orion's truss sticks seems to be more hardy than Sky-Watcher's collapsible sticks.
4.  I haven't seen lots of people purchasing this collapsible truss layout dobs and thus don't understand whether it is time-tested or not.  However few people have set online opinion that they are pleased with their selection of these Sky-Watcher dob of smaller apertures.
5.  No case sold anywhere.  Although I will be packaging and transporting it not too often.  I will be more for seeing from my own backyard.

Basically I like the handy features of Sky-Watcher but don't have sufficient information/reviews to invest $4000 (a very major sum for me at least) in it.  On the other hand I like the standing and familiarity of Orion but don't have so sweet convenient features.  I also don't wish to have 2 Orion scopes together with me.  Differences like focuser or market scope I can easily replace them of greater quality but also the truss layout and manufacturer reliability is the major question here.

So please help me out with your expert advise/inputs.  Any questions on the above I will try to be as quick as possible to reply.  If you've got your own thoughts/points in addition to the above then I would be very pleased to learn them.

Many thanks for your time beforehand.

Nikul Suthar