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6" F5 newt verse 4" F6.5 archromat?


I have been perched over the "buy it now" button at least a dozen times on the OMNI 150XLT and I just cant appear to justify the purchase even with the endless $219 cost tag.  I have A 4" achromat @ F6.5 and I think one would pretty much provide the very same views as another?  Thanks to the central barrier of the Newt.  Correct me if im off bottom.  Both will have the same level of CA Both are wide area, and the two are cheap!  The focuser is worlds better compared to the 102 than from what ive read on the Omni.  They burden just about the same when alls said and done thus that they would ride a twilight 1 bracket nice.  What would you decide on the other items being equal?Mike


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