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Choosing a custom Dob Maker

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Roger Dixon:
For numerous years, I have been toying with the idea of a habit Dob.  For all those who have taken the plunge, what made you select one producer over another.  Was it the cost, the features, workmanship, and the character of the person who made it, time frame, etc..  I have sent out a few teaser mails to find out what their personal response is and what their follow up is.  And please - no bashing specific businesses.  Thanks.

Jaimeylos Chiessa:
How large do you want the Primary Mirror to be? What is your budget?

I did a lot of research on JP Astrocraft, Teeter, Webster, and New Moon.

Rob Teeter seemed to have the best combination of "what I was looking for and when could I have it," as well as the commitment to keep me in the loop during the process.

I liked the 16" so much, I got an 11" Zambuto as well. I use both scopes frequently and am extremely pleased with the workmanship.

I think it's fair to say though that with any of the custom telescope manufacturers, the estimated time for completion is a very rough guideline so patience is important, but very well rewarded.

Unassailable high-end Dob builders in the US include JP Astrocraft (John Pratt), Starstructure (Mike Zammit), Teeter (Rob Teeter), New Moon (Ryan Goodson), and possibly SpicaEyes (Tom O.) if they're still making scopes.
Norman Fullum at Optiques Fullum in Canada. And in Australia SDM (Peter Read).
All these makers are custom builders capable and willing to configure your scope to your needs. They will deliver a finished, complete, tested scope. Lead times, well those just need to be discussed with the makers.

Second level makers include Obsession.


Zambuto Optics, Lockwood Optics, Lightholder Optics and Tom Osypowski are top rank mirror makers. Again, lead times are subjects for individual conversations.

My scope is a Starmaster and it's a wonderful top rank scope but their maker retired a few years ago. I bought mine on the secondary market, saved $thousands and have a great scope.

Big Dobs are fantastic.

Don't forget Dobstuff.


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