Author Topic: Got money to spend ... need grab and go planet and lunar scope ... Is an 8 inch  (Read 39 times)

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Hello Friends,

I recently purchased an ES 16 dobsonian as my lightbucket for dark sites. So far, I am loving the scope. However, it will not work as a grab and go. I live in an apartment in Glendale CA, and I can view on the roof. There is a lot of light pollution and many lights on the roof. Due to these factors, planets, lunar and very bright DSOs would be my only real targets. I am considering a 4 inch APO. But by the time I purchase the scope and mount, I am going to be between $1K and $2K. Although I love the 3D effect of an APO, I am not wondering if an 8 inch dob, using a small cart to transport might be just as easy to set up and give me better views. My biggest concern is that I am 6'3" and I do not want to stoop over constantly. I have an adjustable viewing chair I used with my old Zhumell Z12. But that scope was at least 6 to 8 inches taller than the 8. So, I am open to suggestions. I am wondering about the Zhumell Z8, Skyline 8 (I believe they are the same scope) or the XT8 plus (about 8 lbs lighter). I would like to have an 8 F7 or F8, but I do not think that is possible unless I want to pay BIG BUCKS, which I don't.

My primary concern is the difference in cooling time and due to thermal issues on the roof, I believe the apo will handle the conditions better.

Please let me know the advantages and disadvantages of the dob vs apo.

Thanks and clearest of skies!