Author Topic: Looking for a one-man 16-18" premium dob, and tracking capabilities. Any suggest  (Read 30 times)


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I have a budget of around $7000-8000.

I was leaning towards a 14" EdgeHD on a CGEM DX mount since a new one can be had for $6000 and offers mostly what I'm looking for: one-man setup, tracking, aperture, and good optics.

However, I used to own a 16" dob and would love to stay at or above that size if it's at all possible. What I don't want to sacrifice though, is tracking capabilities. I don't need goto, just the ability for the scope to roughly follow an object at high power so I can get some decent observing in without constantly repositioning the scope (something I hated doing on my old 16" dob).

Willing to stretch my budget above the $6000 14" EdgeED to get one. Looked at Obession, Webster, Starmaster, and Teeter - all have *scopes* in my budget, but none with tracking. Tracking kits add another $2000.

Any suggestions?