Author Topic: What can I expect to see with a Zhumell Z8? Is there an advantage in getting a Z  (Read 31 times)


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I'm going to be tutoring younger students and mowing the lawn at home to save up for a Zhumell dob in the next few months. I should have enough for a Z8 by mid-April to the beginning of May and a Z10 between May and June.

The question is, for me, which size? I don't care about the wait.

I want to see a lot of DSOs. For planets and doubles, I have my NexStar 4SE. However, with the NexStar all I can see are M31 and M42, along with about 10-25 globular and open clusters. I'm interested in seeing more galaxies and nebulae, though. I live in some dark suburbs, but 4" is just not enough aperture for deep-sky.

My budget is $400 - $600, but I am really worried about moving it. I'm a teen, and I can probably lift at most 35 pounds if I drink some protein shakes. This would mean that for the Z8 I'd have to take it apart to move it, or even get help doing it (not a huge worry, but it means that I wouldn't be able to set up by myself, which would be frustrating this summer). For the Z10, I'd have to buy a dolly for another $100, which I'd much rather spend on a filter or eyepiece, or combine with more savings to get a nice case for my NexStar. The Z12 is out of the question. I doubt my parents would let me buy it, and it weighs 75 pounds.

Things I want to see include the Virgo cluster (along with the Leo I and Leo Trio galaxies), M51, M81, and M82, along with plenty of others I can't name at the moment.