Author Topic: What is the largest Dob you've looked through or owned? How did the view Compare  (Read 90 times)


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So , now that we have covered what one believes the smallest big dob is, what's the largest one you've possessed or had the chance to check through?
How did views compare to scopes at the 12-16" range?
How does performance compare between a dim website vs in light pollution?  (And between big & small under those conditions?)

How did Galaxies,Globular clusters and nebulae views differ in those scenarios?
For example, globs may take more light pollution than nebulae,etc..

For me personally , Looking through my friend's 25" F5 Obsession was quite the deal at a dark site in the Adirondacks.  Globulars definitely resolved more stars, and Galaxies more spiral structure than my 12" and 14" and also the AAR 16".  Averted vision was necessary than in my 12" about the brighter DSO's for sure, but still assisted.
But when we looked at Comet Jacques, the gap was less pronounced compared to my 12"...
Ive looked through Rob Teeter's 20" sub 4 ( bino opinion), globs were rather big and bright.

M42 through s 20" Obsession at the Sterling mine was quite remarkable, but not substantially different than throughout the 12"...

Your ideas?